Monday, December 20, 2010

our pet spikey

friday night D and i were in the kitchen when i spied something moving near his foot, i pointed this out and D immediately jumped on to the nearest chair.

it didnt look like the spiders i had seen around the house, so i grabbed a jar, trapped the spider under it and carefully slid a piece of paper under the jar.

when i had him trapped securely in the jar D came over to look "aww, hes cute" says the boy.

i asked what his name was and he was dubbed Spikey.

we kept spikey in the jar saturday, and fed him a few ants that i found on sunday, gave him a few drops of water but by this afternoon Spikey didnt seem too happy.
we relaesed Spike in the bushes outside the house. he ran away immediately, i hope he stays warm because now its snowing.


Grandma Rocky said...

I thought Spikey was a TINY spider. Good thing you didn't bring him out when Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Robert were there last weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

You ain't right, Monica.

CM said...

And I'm too stupid to figure out how to leave a comment. It says "Anonymous" on that comment above but I'm not really trying to go incognito. It's Cherilyn. Just lettin' ya know.... ;o)