Wednesday, December 8, 2010

my week of teaching

this week while we are at Mom's dominic is missing a week of school. his teacher sent home a packet of work and little notes to show what we should do on each day. and school goes off track fairly easily when im leading lessons.

Day1:monday, there wasnt that much to do, a little bit of hand writing, a page of numbers and...oooohhhh, learning about peru, thats the day that we decided that we didnt know much about peru and ended up shopping at worlds window and drinking lattes (now thats a social studies lesson i can get on board with)

Day2: tuesday, there was quite a bit more to do, 2 handwriting pages, front and back. a math paper front and back, 3 pages of reading and more peru.
also many interruptions while he watched my mom taking food out of the freezer, re arranging the buffet and the like. we did todays lesson in our PJs and did our reading work with D on my lap. we worked reall hard on good formation of the lowercase f in cursive.

Day3: wednesday, should have been the quickest and easiest day, 1 handwriting, 1number paper, and a maze about peru. it took way too long, an hour, why you ask? because we started a conversation about George Washington Carver, what he discovered, where he was educated and his personal religious beliefs.
i now have him on a search of the house to find things that start with the letters P-e-r-and u. in addition to this learning time, we spent time balancing a pencil on our upper lip, trying to balance a pencil on one finger and discussing what the meaning was of the name Edward (?).

so you see, its really easy to get off track.


Tricia said...

Thats not getting off track. It's true learning.

Amanda Jo said...

I'm with Tricia!! What fun memories you guys are making while you're doing all of this learning! :)