Thursday, December 9, 2010

more adventures in teaching

todays "break-out lesson" (yep, thats my new name for distractions) consisted of my mom bringing an un labeled can into the dining room where we were working on our math lesson and shaking it, then announcing that she had no idea what was in it, but that it had cost only a quarter (a story backed up by the big orange 25 cent sticker on the top). she proposed that we try to guess what was in it and then whatever was in it, use it to make supper.

she was convinced before she even brought it in that it was some kind of cream soup. i shot that theory down pretty quickly by the slosh that it made when i shook it vigorously. dominic took it and shook it, turned it even sniffed it. then i decided we needed something to compare it to, so we dug through my moms cupboards shaking cans and comparing sizes of cans.

we determined by the sound (and the code TOMSC) that it must be tomato soup. then mom said "i dont really want tomato soup for dinner" and put it back in the cupboard.


Jessica said...

Wait, you can't leave us hanging. I want to know what was in the can!

The unmarked can reminds me of this:

Marci said...

That is awesome! Your mom cracks me up!