Thursday, December 23, 2010

stuff you may not know about me

i love mary jane style shoes

i sometimes wipe my hands on my pants instead of getting a napkin

i hate the texture of wet peanut butter left on the knife and soaking in the sink.

the only clothes i fold before putting away are my work tees and jeans, everything else i just cram in my drawers.


Tricia said...

Yes on #2 and #3 said...

i don't like my food to touch
un disaplend children
when ppl pronounce the "f" in the word often

oh and this one is a biggy on when ppl say i'm married to my husband/wife, really? i didn't think you were married to the family pet

Marci said...

The peanut butter thing made me shutter.

I didn't like looking up spiders for D, it made me itch. Yes thinking about spiders makes me itch.

and your mom threw me for a loop. I couldn't figure out how you don't say "f" in often. Then was told ppl sometimes say "offen" and it all made sense.