Friday, December 31, 2010

nice weather and a tale of a melted sleeping bag

the weather is gorgeous, it is currently 54 degrees in southern indiana...on december 31.

i love it!!

it means i could hang out a comforter that i had to wash (sick kid).
i do not like putting comforters in the dryer, call me crazy but i worry that they will catch on fire.

when i was 10 me and my brother each got a red sleeping bag for christmas. they were the first sleeping bags we ever got, mine was tan on the inside, David's was yellow.
we slept on the floor in our new sleeping bags for a week.
new years eve, my moms and dads went out and david and i stayed home with my aunt pat. david got sick and the sleeping bag suffered the consequences.

into the washer and onward to the dryer the sleeping bag went. everything from here on is fuzzy but the end result is that the sleeping bag had a hole melted in it and no longer zipped up, it stayed that way for years,used as a blanket under the bed spread, im sure my mom has gotten rid of it by now.

i always think of the sleeping bag when i put a bulky comforter in the dryer. and i never leave the house while its in the dryer.

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diana said...

i remember when i called home to check on u pat said david got sick on it didn't find out about the fire till we got home. as far as it's present whereabouts that would in a landfill somewhere.