Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Hi Lights

 Dominic has his school Christmas program, Christmas around the world
 We didnt really have a readily available costume to represent ireland, england or germany so Dominic wore his chapel uniform.
 Fisher Price makes Grandpa proof packaging the norm
 Miles playing with the peg person nativity
Dominic helped me with the lights for the tree.

The boys and i visited my mom and dad and my grandma for Christmas, it was a long drive but i know that after the baby is born it is going to be a long time before i am willing to make that 9 hour drive without another adult present for assistance with kid-wrangling. we mostly spent the week holed up inside due to the cold, cold weather. i guess i am just not use to -4 degrees anymore. living further south has spoiled me slightly.

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Tricia said...

I saw that firts pic of D and thought, "He looks so British." So I guess his uniform did the job!