Friday, January 17, 2014

little bit of this, little bit of that

heres something i discovered (or re discovered) this week: i get a whole lot more done around the house if im showered and dressed (surprise, surprise). apparently pajamas = lazy and unproductive and since i have a finite amount of energy these days anyway, i dont want to waste it being lazy.

hmm, what else? oh, if my baby girl is born ON her due date then i have 87 more days left until i get to meet her, kids have never as of yet made it to their due dates Dominic was considered 3 weeks early and Miles was almost 2 weeks early.

i just discovered that whipped cream with those little round sprinkles on top is an amazing snack in itself, but i still ate the cupcakes that it was piled upon.

Miles is in is big boy bed and handled it like a champ, he fell out of bed the first night, onto his baby mattress which we placed on the floor next to his bed for just such a mishap, but after that he crawled right back in and went back to sleep. he has rolled partially out on 2 more occasions but ends up in a standing position looking confused he loves sharing a room and bunk beds with Big Brother.
 Miles also had his second birthday which included decorating our own cupcakes from the awesome array of candies and sprinkles that Grandma Rocky brought. Miles PILED on the in half a jar, most of which  ended up on the floor.
 Dominic, ever the patient big brother, helped Miles with his gifts, holding up the box of his new tee ball set so that Miles could rip off the paper.


Holly said...

Your boys are so adorable! Can't wait to see how cute your little girl is! :)

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