Monday, January 27, 2014

and we're school that is

after a week, yes...a week off of school due to the weather, Dominic went back to school. the last few days of this cabin fever vacation consisted of me pretty much allowing the boys to do whatever they wanted. drag all the blankets into the living room and make a wrestling mat, SURE, wander around the house with a box of wheat thins and a cup of milk and call it lunch, OK, watch 57 episodes of old garfield cartoons on Netflix, GO FOR IT,  dump the toybox and use it as a boat, stuff pillows into your shirt and allow little brother to ride on your back (until you bump your nose on the wood floor, then, game over) ride tricycles and the bouncy yellow inflatable elephant up and down the hall, PLEASE DONT BREAK ANYTHING.

um, its seems really quiet around here today.  im told that thursday's high temp will be 39, i may just venture out this week.

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