Tuesday, July 20, 2010

cabin fever

i figured out that it is possible to get cabin fever in the summer. to a lesser degree of course.
since its been upwards of 95 degrees for the last, like, 3 weeks, and now its pouring down rain, i havent really left the comfort of air conditioning very much. let me just say , it doesnt feel like summer in indiana, it feels like summer in Dallas, TX. so much so that when i complained that my tomatoes werent growing, Ken said "well, ya tried, if they dont grow, you can always go to H.E.B (grocery store chain) and buy some." ok, kids, i havent laid eyes on an H.E.B store in about 8 years since i left Ft. Hood, Texas. but apparently its hot enough for Ken to think we actually ARE in Texas.

i really want to sit out on my porch, i want to go for walks downtown, i would just love to sit at the playground and watch D play. i want to drink lots of HOT coffee.

anyone out there experiencing mid 80's? send them this way.


Marci said...

Wish there was an HEB in this area!

hilltopper said...

no joke i LOVE it great selection and great prices!