Tuesday, July 6, 2010

what i did on my summer vacation

my birthday always coincides with my annual fourth of July trip to ohio to visit marci and her family, they got a new member this year, their new baby girl is 3 months old. so i got to play the doting aunt. it has been determined that Auntie Monica is too cold for the baby's liking and although she liked playing with me and smiled at me, for cuddles, i just am not warm blooded enough.

we took the kids to the Franklin Park Conservatory on saturday, it was a great big family affair that took up almost every available space in Marci's mini van. it was the last week of their blooms and butterflies exhibit. D and M got to hold a butterfly, very exciting.
is she about the cutest thing ever?
are we telling jokes? i like jokes.


Ken said...

I can see why someone mistook them to be twins.

Holly said...

Adorable children! The blooms and butterfly exhibit sounds wonderful.

Marci said...

Aren't they cutie patooties?! I may be a bit biased...as always we love having you all here and hope Ken can make a visit some day!