Friday, July 23, 2010

who's the big winner?

ME!! thats right. now how to spend it? which got me thinking of getting gift cards as a gift.

do you have trouble deciding what to buy with your gift cards?
i always feel like i have to make just the right choice because when its spent, thats your gift. so why is it harder to pick out your own gift? if the gift giver had just bought you something you would be thrilled to death with whatever you had received. now, dont get me wrong, i LOVE gift cards, LOVE them. its just so hard to get THE thing and not feel like you missed something. like the thing you really, really could have used escaped your mind at that crucial time of making the final decision.

with this little peek at my sometimes indecisive pea brain, i ask you....with 70 bucks, what would YOU pick? CSN stores


Tricia said...

I'm the same way with gift cards!
I bought the cutest apple green tea kettle with my CSN gift card. Now I think I'm going to get a Magic Rocket.

Holly said...

Please let us know what you decided on! :)

Marci said...

I'm just saying it might save DH and BIL some work!