Sunday, July 11, 2010


how does a barette making craft evolve into this?

well, it all started when D thought the lime green bow i had just stitched would make a great mustache.
then got a little sillier as i cut a mustache from a scrap of felt and taped it to his lip. it didnt stick very long. so i went in search of printable mustaches. but lo and behold, the printer WOULD NOT do its job.
in the end we found that a repurposed food box colored black made the perfect mustache masks.
an un sharpened pencil held on with a bit of duct tape worked well as a handle. now its masquerade time.


Grandma Rocky said...

Do I know you two?

Holly said...

This is so awesome! What a fun mom you are, Monica; your little boy is very lucky!

Your hair looks great!

Jessica said...

These are so cute! A great idea, too. :)