Wednesday, September 1, 2010


heres my challenge. if you choose to accept it. go one month without buying anything that is not consumable.
we are going to do it and i would love for you to join us

what you can buy:
food, of course
health and beauty supplies
diapers and wipes
paper products
light bulbs

what you cant buy:
home decor
craft supplies
you get the idea, if you dont eat it or use it for energy of some kind, its a no go.

need a birthday gift? youre going to have to make it out of something you already have.

need a shovel? youre going to have to borrow one.

beg, borrow, barter, trade or make. thats the name of the game.

i will update as close to every day as possible during the challenge. please, e mail me or facebook meaasge me your updates. oh, and tell your friends.


diana said...

ok i will take the chalange it is going to be hard and will make me think before i spend but i'll try. i do have to admit i bought some new clothes today before i read this i hope that doesn't count.

Tricia said...

No way. I don't shop regularly, but there is no way I can pass up $2 Banana Republic slacks at a garage sale.

hilltopper said...

oh definitely!! i would have had to re think my own challenge for that!

Leslie said...

if you think about it, though...garage/yard sale items are really all about recycling...the item has already been made and purchased, so you're just keeping it out of the landfill if you can use it now! :o) Does that help?