Friday, September 17, 2010

its friday!

the day i have historically had trouble holding fast to my challenge to buy nothing that is not consumable. one week i bought books, the next week it was a pair of earbuds.

this week, i will try really, really hard NOT to do that!

my plans for today are

clean house, i dont just throw the phrase pig sty around a la my loving mother (love ya mom!) but this place is a pig sty, i have been under the weather, Ken has been under the weather, dominic stays true to his mini tornado self and thus i found a piece of a nacho chip in the couch coushion, under a pile of books, newspapers, tissues and a blanket which is as we speak, in the washer.

go grocery shopping, all of our sorta easy dinner food is used up, all our snacks are obliterated and due to some unusually wild antics in the classroom Dominic is officially OFF of sugar for a time which means no juice boxes, no cookie packs and absolutely no marshmellows will find their way to my sons lunch bag.

move my sewing desk into its own new studio space!!!! this one is super exciting for me, but it also means alot of work in cleaning up the super big walk in closet/junk room /guest room, which will be my studio space and just maybe painting it, i would love to paint it, but im still tossed up colorwise. (suggestions welcome)

the last thing on my list today is to attend the Chautauqua poster signing reception at Nice Shots Photography. the poster photo was taken by professional photographer and good friend of ours Stephanie Hellmann she has a shop/studio on main street. stop by tonight if you can.

well, that looks like a day busy enough to keep me from shopping.

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i like yellow