Friday, September 3, 2010

this was a skirt yesterday!!

moving clothes around in my closet i found this skirt, i love the fabric, but the fit was not so flattering, lets just say even Olive Oyl would need a control top panty hose to make this skirt work.

i decided this would work MUCH better as a shirt, and it did. although with one of these skirt to shirt projects last month someone asked Ken if i was pregnant, im not! but i dont care! these shirts are so comfortable i will let people ask if im pregnant and promise not to get offended.
i also modified these pants, they were american eagle flared pants, i LOVE american eagle jeans, so soft and comfy, and the top fit beautifully, but im just not into the flare anymore.

i set about cutting and stitching, and un stitching, and re stitching and cutting a little more and stitching, and pulling out loose threads from the unstitching and then stitching a little more, it was a trial and error project, but im happy with the end result, even if they are a little long.


Marci said...

I think both look great and I know how love you have to put into a project like that! Way to go girlie!

Ken said...

You're the coolest.

Amanda Jo said...

You're so talented!!! Way to go!

Holly said...

I have to echo Amanda Jo: You are so talented!