Thursday, September 9, 2010

chill in the air

nights have started getting a little chilly here on the hilltop. i quickly noticed that dominic had only 1 pair of pajama pants, since in the summer large tee shirts were is pajama of choice.

i though, oh no! im going to have to buy...but wait...i can make pjs, they dont have to be fancy, so thats what i did.

i used an old green curtain panel and voila, they look just like scrubs.

i was surprised at just how easy it was, all i did was trace around a pair he already had which i folded in half, cut through 4 layers of material and found out that its super easy to assemble lounge pants.


Laura said...

They look cozy to me =)

Just wanted to say that I am lurking... checking out how you do on your challenge!

diana said...

damn girl i thought i was talented till u came along i got him 2 pair of pj's for xas

Marci said...

I was going to do the exact same thing for Maelle! Was thinking about draw strings then laughed...nope elastic it is. And to stay true to your month of non-buying I decided to use some of my old maternity clothes and revamp the material! ( I had to buy circle stickers for putting on garage sale items today.)

Amanda Jo said...

Man, I commented on this twice yesterday and neither went through. :(

Those pants look GREAT! You're totally rockin' this challenge!!!

Holly said...

You're awesome! I'm so impressed that you can just whip up a pair of pajama pants. I have a pile of clothes that I need to take to my mother so we (*she*) can sew on the buttons. :S