Thursday, September 23, 2010

wow, it has been almost a week since i posted!! this has been a super fast week!

what i did? you want to know what i did? well, saturday and sunday were spent painting D's room and ripping up his nasty 1970's carpet and re assembling the room quickly so he could sllep there sunday night. and boy was i sore.

monday: work, work work, deal with a boy who cant get right at school

tues: (see monday) and hatch a plan to help said boy get right, and e-mail teacher to have her help me, help boy get right

wednesday: celebrate success of said plan with happy meal, mcdouble and chocolate shake (gastric upset free with purchase)

so, i set about to do what i planned to do last week but which turned into painting D's room...set up my new studio space in the spare bedroom/junk room.

my sewing machine has been in the living room for about a year and a half now and its not the optimum location i have to stretch the cord across a traffic path which could potentially trip the less graceful members of my household. i have to drag out the iron and ironing board every time i set out to create. not condusive to impromptu creativity.

im imagining organized fabric stash, jars of ribbon remnants and this which i plan to make, a spool holder!! yep i love my threads, but the love each other, too much, way too much which means i have to un tangle them from each other when i need one.

i will show you when im done, not before, K? so it may be a couple of weeks


Marci said...

oooh i love to organize craft supplies. You should get a cork board and some cool pins and use that for your thread and bobbins! Put the pins in at a 45 degree angle works great!

Holly said...

Can't wait to see your studio! :)