Tuesday, September 7, 2010

doing well

the challenge went well this weekend even though we spent sunday in civilization (indianapolis).

lunch on sunday was at the Olive Garden, Ken and i shared a plate of shrimp and chicken carbonara, this combined wit the salad and bread sticks was all the food either of us needed. Dominic got his old stand-by, macaroni and cheese.

after lunch, as Dominics birthday present, Aunt Rachel and Uncle Halbert treated us all to a day at the indianapolis childrens museum! what a great birthday gift! there was a dinosaur exhibit and a star wars exhibit. the day at the museum ended with everyone exhausted and not even a second glance toward the gift shop.

for dinner, since we all were so extremely tired and in need of proteins, we had A&W grill burgers, D and i mostly only ate the meat, plus some yummy crispy deep fried fries. and even though this A&W was located at the mall, tiredness kept me in my right mind about not buying anything.

the ride home did include a stop at Target, in Columbus, IN. we were in need of shampoo and litter box liners, which i deem an item we are allowed to buy, and with good reason, the other alternative would be to try to give Fatty away....hmmmm, theres an idea, anyone want a 24 pound cat? Kidding, i kid....

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