Tuesday, February 22, 2011

AGAIN!!?? (downer post)

yep, im sick...AGAIN!

on a normal year i get sick enough to take to my bed once, one time.

three times! so far. i am not amused.

headache and nausea are not cool.

neither are body aches and runny nose.

i have gotten smart and experienced enough about to learn how to breathe through nausea and take an excedrin (yay, for caffeine dependency) instead of tylenol.

lets hope this is the last time.
and no, i did not get a flu shot.

but i do get to sit on the couch and watch Community, if you havent seen it, netflix it, its strangely funny and just all around odd but hilarious,so much so, that, it might only last 2 seasons. because thats what happens to show that i love. its a curse

except Psych, also hilarious, that one repelled the curse of the show that i love. you can get that one on netflix too.


Holly said...

Oh, I hope you're feeling better soon! My parent's love Community - Mitch and I never got into, but that could be because we didn't watch enough of it.

diana said...

hugs sweetie i may have to teach dominic how to make mommy chicken soup