Sunday, February 13, 2011

class party treats

Dominic's class is having a valentines day party tomorrow, the treats we decided to take are and adaptation of the ones we made for christmas the year before last year.
a jumbo marshmallow stabbed through with a pretzel stick and dipped in melted toll house morsels.
oh, and sprinkled with pink and red sprinkles. that was D's job.

these four are ours, the ones that wouldnt fit in the plastic pan.

after the bag of marshmallows was gone there was still chocolate left, already melted so chocolate covered pretzels sounded like a brilliant way to avoid wasting the chocolate.
these were a huge hit with the family at christmas so im sure they will be just as big of a hit with the 5-6 year old crowd.


Grandma Rocky said...

Dominic,please eat some for Grandpa and Grandma Rocky. They look yummy!!

Jessica said...

Those look delicious & so cute. I LOOOOVE chocolate dipped pretzels!

amber said...

They look very yummy!