Monday, February 21, 2011

my dear husband called me out on not posting for 3 days.

i have been busy, well not super busy, but not near a computer.

we took D up to Indy to visit grandma and grandpa and shopped a little at circle center mall while we were there.

i wanted to maybe get a new accessory or dress. i didnt find anything.

maybe its the small town life that i live, all laid back and quiet and what not...but i have to say that mall was LOUD! and stinky.

between different loud club music in every store we went into and the terribly strong perfume and body product smell that was everywhere, it was hard to shop!
so we went and got coffee and a bagel.

sunday of course i had to go get the boy from grandma and grandpas, we had lunch with them at panera, have you tried their mac and cheese at panera? to die for. it is the best i have ever had, EVER.
so that was my weekend. in a nut shell.

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Tricia said...

The only mall I enjoy or can go to is Jessicas outdoor mall.