Monday, February 28, 2011

well, saturday did not turn out to be as carefree as i had hoped. in the no house work statement i forgot...i havent cleaned the bathroom in weeks.

house guests to spend the weekend next week!!! yay!

so suddenly my main objective is to NOT completely gross them out with my crusty bath tub and faucet covered in way ward toothpaste splatters.
i honed my tetris skilz by figuring out where i can cram my sewing desk so that the pack and play will fit...mission accomplished!
next was a plan for all our meals for the weekend, nothing fancy but ya know, you want to know what youre feeding people.
and finally a trip to the meat market for some local beef and pork chops for my man to throw on the grill.

so it was a busy saturday but a good saturday, next week and the week after will be better (guests 2 weeks in a row!!!)
i cant wait to see my favorite girls this week and my favorite boys next weekend!

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diana said...

lifes good :)