Monday, February 7, 2011

i stink

i really stink at blogging every day thing, dont i?


why, you ask? mostly time, that and content, i dont have much for content right now, its pretty boring around here. unless you want to hear a story about a little boy who loves The Incredibles so much that he has decided to turn our family into super heros, and he expects us all to wear our underwear on the outside.

in addition he was very disappointed to find out from a local police officer that rocket boosters are not street legal.


diana said...

tell him they're leagel at bakas house.and i will wear my under wear inside out but not on the outside lol how funny is your post today

Amanda Jo said...

That is SO funny!! Ethan's obsessed with rocket boosters too!!! He always asks for new shoes with rocket boosters in them. Our boys are cut from the same mold!

Tricia said...

Its VERY hard to find content to blog about on a daily basis.

Marci said...

I can't get Maelle to watch that one. I taunted her telling her how much D likes it...heh.