Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i feel like i should

i feel like i should blog today, why? because its been a week since i blogged and im not really doing much today.

has my blog run its course?

in the last 6 monts or so i just am not into it.

i no longer think "ooh, im going to blog this!!"

i just slap something down when i feel like i should.

but there are things happening.
after 2 years of pouring our life, energy and finances into our mission of taking the love of Christ downtown to the walnut street neighborhood by planting a church and serving the poor and broken we disbanded. it became apparent that we were spinning our wheels fruitlessly in the attempt to plant a church. we are now looking for an existing church with a heart to reach the lost that we can become a part of. we have been enjoying attending Sojourn in Louisville, but we need somewhere in town, where we can invite people without expecting them to make an hour drive to get there.

so this is a strange time here on the hilltop, we dont even know what a normal week is suppose to look like at this point.

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Amanda Jo said...

I would be SO sad if you did stop your blog but I completely understand that all good things come to an end - with that said, whatever is best for your family I think is best for your blog!

I am so sorry to hear the news on your church plant. I will pray that the Lord will lead you guys to a great church. Just a side thought - if the church He calls you to doesn't have the heart for the lost you're looking for maybe that means that's your place to plug in and serve. Maybe you're the change He wants to make there. I say that because my church isn't the kind of church that's ideal for us but it's where He wants us to serve.

Anyway, I love and your sweet heart and will miss this blog if it goes away but, thankfully, we can still connect on facebook!