Sunday, January 30, 2011

not too much going on yesterday at our house, we stopped down at All Ways Pottery to pick up our pieces, Dominic made this coffee mug for me, the other 2 sides have a picture on them as well, one has a cross, one has a picture of Yoda (?).

the afternoon was spent relaxing at home, i reading on my new Kindle (yay) and eating my chocolate covered caramels with sea salt (we stopped at Cocoa Safari while we were downtown) Ken watching The Karate Kid and nerf fighting with D.

today holds all the excitement i could ever hope for...a birthday party at the bowling alley, and lots of praying that dominic does not pick up the strep that had 8 of his classmates out of school last week.

i considered taking him to the movies instead of allowing him to go to the party....but i worry that not many will be able to come and the birthday boy will be disappointed. we will not however be eating birthday cake.


diana said...

maybe they will serve cupcakes? take along alot of hand sanitizer

Marci said...

Oh goodness, I have kept the kids away from play dates and all sorts of things, and we still get sick. yuck! Oh! I want to see the yoda side of the mug LOL!

Jessica said...

It took me a bit to realize why you wouldn't be having cake & then I got it. :) Hope you had fun! (And no sickness - I find the worst spot to pick up illness is at church! It seems people think they must go even if they have the flu...)