Wednesday, January 19, 2011

smarty pants?

sometimes i i a smarty pants? am i a know it all?

it seems like i just cant help offering solutions, if you have a problem, then i want a solution, especially if its something similar to an experience i have had.

in the past week i have offered solutions, mostly kid related to a handful of friends who seem to be seeking a tap in the direction of a solution.
i have advised on food specifically healthy food.

i have advised on sick babies.

i have advised on school related issues (im still learning here, folks)

i have advised on difficult relatives.

some of my suggestions seem to be taken well, others seem to be rejected before they are out of my mouth.

my do i decide whether the person wants my opinion, or just wants to vent.

i want to help when i can, but i dont want pepole to avoid me because im a miss know it all smarty pants.


Tricia said...

Maybe that is why we are friends...I'm a smarty pants too.

Anonymous said...


hilltopper said...

no, advice about one that belongs to someone else.

Marci said...

I really think it's up to the person who is receiving to decide if they want to use it or not. If they didn't want a solution they wouldn't ask or complain about it right? Alright, *MOST* people wouldn't the others, well take it with a grain of salt. Then again, I am a giver and receiver of unsolicited advice myself.

MustHaveCoffee... said...

This is a tough one...I am a "helper"'s just who I am, so if someone complains or questions or seems to be seeking a solution, I will do my best to find it for them. Unfortunately, I have found that some people seem to be happier being "unhappy"'s as if they NEED to have something to complain about because they don't understand how to communicate any other way. It's their conversation starter in a way....and it's darn annoying. I've found that over time I figure out who these guys are and save my "skills" for those who truly need them...the other guys get the "uh huh...oh, that's too bad...uh huh" ...seems mean at times, but honestly it saves me a lot of headache/heartache/sanity.