Monday, January 17, 2011

yesterday we visited First Baptist Church downtown and found it to be promising, the teaching was solid bible teaching, the kind that has you flipping all over the new testament.

the people (the ones we didnt know) welcomed us, but not in a weird accosting you with too much enthusiasm kind of way. Dominic liked kids church ( ken and i already knew the teacher) and as luck would have it, we got invited to the adult sunday school class' pot luck lunch where we were able to talk to the interum pastor and his wife, both of whom have a background in urban and innercity ministry.

also we later learned that Dominic felt lead to give his heart to Jesus.
ken asked him if he did that in Kids Church, dominic told him "no, it was while you and mommy were eating chicken with our new church family"

all in all it was a good experience and we will definitely be visiting again next week.

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Ken said...

Also, I asked, "Did they tell you you need to give your heart to Jesus in Kids Church?"
"No," Dominic said.
"Who told you that you should," I asked.
"God told me to."

Thanks Lord.