Saturday, January 29, 2011

stepping up to the challenge?

3 of my favorite blogs to read belong to Tricia and her daughters Jessica and Megan.

Tricia and Jessica have been posting everyday for the last month (i think its suppose to be for the year)

i started reading Tricias blog shortly after i started blogging she is funny, optimistic and crafty, not to mention loves fashion and coffee.
we hit it off in blogland fairly quickly and i learned that her MIL lives right across the river from me in carrollton KY!
i immediately (hopefully not creepy weirdo-y) invited her over the next time she was in town.
when she did visit her MIL we got together for coffee and shopping, the main hurdle in hanging with Tricia is you have to be chemical free-FREE..which doesnt sound too hard until you start freeing yourself from scented body wash, scented lotion, hair sprays, cosmetics, deodorant, even laundry soap and fabric softener so i had alot to learn about chemical sensitivities on that first meeting. over the last 2 years seeing Tricia when she visited and also meeting Megan and Jessica when i went to visit her last year for a real vacation, all 4 of us agree that its like we are all related and im the cousin that they rarely see but love and think about often, and they are my cousins that live in florida and extend an open invitation to me.

any way, i aspire to blog every day this month, just like them.

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Tricia said...

You ARE like family! (And I'd love it if you blogged everyday.)