Tuesday, November 11, 2008

as per your request

its hard to get a good picture of because it is so sparkly, which is why i didnt include the photo on the last post.


and on the random thoughts note:

if i could have any job in the whole world, i would want to be a professional back-up singer.

i would get to wear cool clothes.  possibly stand behind oh say John Mayer, Sheryl Crow and maybe even Bono! 

check it out, ive been practicing on waiting for the world to change 

waitin' .....  aaaaahhhhh waitin'  

this is all i have to do and johnny does the rest. 

how much does a gig like that pay i wonder?

plus, i totally rock on Tom Pettys "american girl"

i better get an agent.


Kelly said...

that is a pretty pin.
cracking up at the rest of your post. that would be a fun job, if I could sing.

Rachel said...

My friends and I used to crack up at one of Clay Aiken's songs, because at one point it goes like this:

Clay: "If hearts were unbreakable ..."
Backup singers: "Hearts, whoooaaaa!"

Then again, most of Clay Aiken's songs induce bursts of laughter. But being a backup singer would be pretty sweet.

Liz said...

Yea! I'm LOVING that pin. So fun! And be sure and post a video of your back-up singing gig... we'll ALL want to see that!

diana said...

ohhh now i remember that pin as i recall we were keeping things simple because it was during your black and white polka dot stage

Ms. Math said...

That pin is great!! Thanks for sharing a photo. :)

By the way, the comment you left on my last house post meant a lot to me. I've worried about boring all you readers with picture after picture of the progress, but it's a relief to know that it's fun for you, too!