Saturday, November 15, 2008

i get it!

i had the opportunity to go on a womens overnight retreat this weekend at a wondreful rustic retreat center in henryville, in. 
our theme was  "get it", with the emphasis on "it"  as in, what is "it"?

the answer my friends: "it" is wisdom and discernment.

do you want "it"? well, guess what! ask and God will give "it" to you! (matt. 7:7)
so ask for "it" then stand up and take "it" and use "it". "it" was what solomon wanted most in the world, more than riches, more than fame, more than the death of his enemies, he wanted an obedient heart,  to know how to rule his people in the right way, and to know the difference between right and wrong. wisdom (truth) and discernment, so thats what he asked for, and thats what he got (1 kings 3:9-13).

well, do you get it?

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