Sunday, November 16, 2008

i didnt buy it!

these are the first fruits of my "buy nothing christmas". a set of four coasters that i found on the web and duplicated using some fabric scraps.
and a first attempt at this cute and cuddly doll, i was rather surprised that my first one turned out this well.  Ken said i should give it to a woman we know who is opening a doll museum, but we both agreed it reminded us of my mom. i'm sure there will be more to come i have really enjoyed spending the day sewing and looking for patterns and ideas for my free christmas.


diana said...

those are deffiently my legs. my favorite gift ever are the ones crafted from the heart. it's to late for me but maybe i will try abuy nothing christmas next year my craft room is pretty well stooked right maybe i can pull it off.

Kelly said...

I really like those coasters. Wish I had a sewing machine, not that I know how to sew anyway, but it would be a step in the right direction.
I like the doll as well. She would be a good gift for a baby. Being of all fabric, nothing they could chew off, just chew at/on.

Tricia said...

Cute coasters!
Snow flurries??? Brrr.

Wanda said...

Wow....I just stumbled onto your blog from who knows where....
I live in North Vernon....and happened to see you were in Henryville for a retreat and then read you're in Madison.
Small world, huh?

Come by and say hi sometime!
It's always neat to run into fellow bloggers and neighbors out in the blogosphere!

Ms. Math said...

Look how crafty you are! I haven't sewn anything since I was in 7th-grade! It's definitely something I'd love to get into because what wonderful, personal gifts you can make!

Amanda Jo said...

I GOT IT!!!!!!! I got my prize in the mail yesterday!!

Thank you SO much for that handy bag, Fun Dip (how did you know it's my favorite) and that awesome CD!

Ethan already knows most of the words to $1,000,000!