Sunday, November 30, 2008

weekend fun

heres a fun craft project that even a 3 year old can help with, assuming hes willing to help. all mine wanted to do was see what would stick to the clear contact paper we were using. we used the madison courier  christmas song book that we got with our paper on saturday morning and just went create-crazy from there.
and of course NO thanksgiving weekend would be complete without putting up the christmas tree... and then having pie. yes, im not ashamed to admit that my pie grand total came to the belt busting number of 10 pieces, for the whole weekend, thursday through tonight, not 1 day. that would be embarrassing.


diana said...

is that the family angel, pictured on your headder? it never looked that good new.

Kelly said...

I like your new header.
So sorry that we could not get together this weekend. Hopefully soon though. Collin is feeling much better now. He slept 90% of saturday. ;)
I like your project. We are working on one kid friendly project a day. Helps pass some time and gives us something to do when we don't leave the house.
I LOVE that "snowflake" like ornamant on your tree. Beautiful.

Ms. Math said...

I absolutely love that project! I'm going to have to try that one!

I am impressed with your pie-eating abilities. :)

Amanda Jo said...

Ok, so I'm catching up on my blog reading after the loooong weekend. I LOVE this tin project!

You know, my pie eating skills are right in line with yours but for some reason this year I opted for rolls instead.

Oh, and can I thank you again for my giveaway award!? I LOVE that cd you made for me! I hasn't left my cd player since I got it in the mail!!! and now my son sings If I Had A Million Dollars (gotta love the Barenaked Ladies)