Friday, November 7, 2008

give it away!

 i saw alot of candy excess in blogland yesterday. i thought of something to do with all this candy!
send it to the soldiers and include it in our operation chrismas/samartians purse shoeboxes!

so quick, dont unwrap that tootsie pop, put it and all its sweet little friends in a bag and take it to the american legion.


Kelly said...

awesome idea! I like it.
Great thinking!

Ms. Math said...

My husband and I laughed so hard on the comment you left on my Skittles post. Thanks for the humor you're always sendig my way - I love it! :)

This is a great idea!

diana said...

what a great idea thanks monica i wish i had read that before i opened the snickers:(

Tricia said...

Hey! You're a runner up in my blog birthday giveaway! Check out my blog to claim your prize :)