Friday, November 21, 2008

no crankies allowed

its probably happened to you, if youre a mom that is. my beautiful, well behaved little angel (thats him as a cute little cranky baby, back when the crankies could be excused) did it, for maybe the third time ever, he had a meltdown in public.
the crankies had been fighting for control for the majority of the day. we went with the silly approach to banish them, we fished them out of his head with a toy fishing pole , threw them down the garbage disposal and turned it on. hahaha, everything was good for a while, so we ran a few errands and even went on a "field trip" (a short walk in Clifty Park). by 1 the crankies were back i asked my angel what happened, we threw them down the garbage disposal? he said "i got it out wis my fissin pole"
this little exchange occured on my way to get gas, since the light came on and the bell dinged, i didnt want to waste any time.  i do want to mention that i FILLED my tank of my malibu for 18.75, the pump elation i felt was however, short lived. i needed to stop by the office, as we pulled into my office parking lot my angel asked me if he could have a sucker when we got inside, "im sure Maribel will give you one if you ask her" was my answer. he didnt want to. when we got inside i was standing there chatting and my angel literally threw himself down at my feet and just started wailing! thankfully the guy im talking to has 3 boys and looked at us like 'this is no big deal'.
i tried to pick my angel up and he went completely limp, still screaming i laid him back down on the floor . i stood there for a second, this has only happened to me once before, with the screaming and the laying on the floor and the limpness, and for a minute tried to get him to tell me whats wrong. then i lowered my center of gravity, got a good grip and carted the kid off to the car screaming all the way.
10 minutes later when he had gotten a hold of himself,  we started to discuss. it was determined that the crankies completely took over and started their own party when Maribel wouldnt give him a sucker, a sucker that he never asked her for. 
my angel is taking a nap now. im hoping to be able to go to the grocery store later. NO CRANKIES ALLOWED!


Ms. Math said...

I love your "silly approach" to getting rid of the crankies! That is such a neat idea! I hope things got better after the nap!

Grandma Rocky said...

Moni, I think I'll use that tactic to get rid of the crankies on our angel's Grandpa Rocky!!!

Kelly said...

I like your approach of putting the crankies down the garbage disposal.
We have had a couple meltdowns in public as well. They are not fun for anyone involved.
I hope he was better for you once he got up.
We all have off days.
Hope tomorrow is better.

Rachel said...

I just got your message -- I was in class tonight -- and I'm dying laughing at the video on Mindless Junque. I don't understand how Meredith, the thong lady, and thong lady's lawyer are keeping a straight face right now!

diana said...

grandma rocky, it doesn't work on grandpas,darn