Wednesday, November 12, 2008

oh yah, its there dontcha know.

i noticed tonight that when i get upset or impaient my northern iowa accent comes out. which is funny i guess, although it isnt by far as pronounced as Frances McDormand's in Fargo (if you havent seen it, dont) or Bobbys mom in Bobbys world cartoon or sarah palin's, it is there dontcha know. and it is funny


Kelly said...

I was born and raised in Ohio and I have a bit of a southern accent. It just pops out when least expected and is always present with certain words. wnymmo

diana said...

i truely did not know that iowans had an accent.i was using that assumption as a clever (i thought)disguise.

Ms. Math said...

There are only a few words that I say where I can hear my own accent. I must be talking normal the rest of the time, right? :)