Friday, December 19, 2008

christmas in 5 days!

must bake

must craft

must clean :(

but insted im looking at my friends' blogs and consiedring a trip to The Lumber Mill Antiques, whos with me?

a better question is who is going to clean my house?


diana said...

monica is having a super buzy day but leave your comments anyway. mine is we had 12 inches of snow here in waterloo last night and after dave dug us out he cleared the neighbors drive who is a single mom with only a spade to shovel with nice man my honey

Kelly said...

I have not even started the baking yet. It will wait until Sunday. lol
I will take volunteers to clean my house too. Please!!! ;)
Enjoy your trip to the antique store. (I love antiques)

Amanda Jo said...

What's The Lumber Mill Anitques?! I LOVE ANTIQUES!!

Tricia said...

I LOVE the Lumber Mill! I'd even help you clean your house....but I'm like 1000 miles away.

Ms. Math said...

My vote is for the trip to The Lumber Mill Antiques! Boo on cleaning! What did you end up doing? :)