Tuesday, December 30, 2008

not i

we had a friend visit last evening, she just got back from visiting her sister in Montana where they live in a one room cabin and have no indoor plumbing!! by choice! and they like it! (insert horrified/disgusted face here)

she told us stories of the need to go berry picking in pairs, apparently bears wont bother you if you are talking back and forth.

she gave us the scoop on what to do if you see a mountain lion (raise your arms up as high as you can and walk backwards away from it maintaining eye contact) 

and gave us the age old line the animals are more scared of you than you are of them, i guess this does not apply to a mountain lion, never run from a mountain lion.

sounds like a super fun vacation (did i mention the part about  -24 degree nights) but please, please dont ever invite me to join you in rural Montana. you can bet your boohiney that the answer will be a firm but polite "No Thank You".


Kelly said...

I think my answer would be NO too.
To each his own though.

to answer your question...No those were not Amy's girls. I will have to send you a picture of her girls. You won't recognize Hannah (the oldest) Olivia is the spitting image of Amy.

diana said...

i can believe that i remember when you went camping with your dad and he had to take you to town to go to the bathroom

hilltopper said...

leave it up to my mom to let the world know how NOT the outdoor type i am.

Ms. Math said...

No indoor plumbing? Did you make a little typo? I could NEVER do that! Just the thought of not having indoor plumbing is sending my heart racing and making my palms sweaty!