Saturday, December 20, 2008

yesterday i....

blogged, of course

cleaned up more of Ds "clay mess" i found little fingerprints all over the kitchen and bathroom.

went for a walk and to The Birdhouse (fun nature store on main street)

recieved 2 christmas boxes and a case of bibles

painted the top cabinet fronts in my kitchen (i will show you when its done)

skimmed the Madison Courier

worked on christmas gifts

drank a pot of coffee

made spaghetti

washed dishes

went to Branson on the Road country christmas concert at church  (sounds cheesy but is actually so much fun)

and had dessert with my husband and son at Frisches Big Boy

whew, i wonder whats in store for today!


Ms. Math said...

You fit all that into one day? I'm beyond impressed!

Kelly said...

sounds like you were busy. All we did yesterday was lay around the house accomplishing nothing. Hey we all need blah day here and there. ;)