Monday, December 22, 2008

how much?

i have been designated to bring mashed potatoes to the family christmas dinner this year. my question for you is how many potatoes do i make for say, 20 people, what like 1 1/2 potatoes per person or what? i have never made that many mashed potatoes before. 

i guess im going to have to use my BIG pot, the one i make greens in.

 i should have just volunteered greens, at least id know how much to make.


Ken said...

I like the greens idea better, but wait, you make awesome mashed potatoes?! I'm torn.

Grandma Rocky said...


Make as many as the pot will hold 3/4 full. It will be enough. With the yams I make, and the large volume of other food that will be there, we will have plenty. But, like my son, I'm torn between your greens and the potatoes!!!!


Ms. Math said...

Sounds like you make wonderful potatoes and greens. Where might I be able to stop to have some of this? :)