Friday, December 12, 2008

this week

The Boy ran in to the computer room the other night and announced tht he had drawn a picture of me. then looked at it and said "oh, i forgot your hair" and proceeded to draw ONE hair. im glad i have a good self image.

thursday night: i was just pulling out the vacuum when i noticed the living room was flooded with pink light, looking outside i grabbed my camera and went out into the front yard snapping like crazy and being the worlds worst mom. the poor boy was convinced that i was going for a walk without him and all i was interested in was getting the shots before the light was gone. we walked (quickly) in the bitter cold. down the street and around the corner so i could get this shot. and again worlds worst mom, neither of us had our hats or gloves on, but at least i was wearing my apron.

Friday: the church cookie walk is tomorrow. you buy from the united methodist women a bakery box and stuff it with as much christmas goodness as it can hold and i will stuff as many blondies in there as my family willl let me.
this is my contribution to the event 2 dozen decorated cookies. 
the stars went fast last year so you gotta get there early if you want some stars, there would be more stars but some just didnt pass the inspection. you have to eat the misfits right away you know, and dont you dare try to pass them off to Santa.

 CHRISTMAS TIDBIT: my dad use to tell us that Santa would be tired of cookies and milk by time he got to our house and that he would rather have pretzels and beer.


Kelly said...

oh my, your Dad is HILARIOUS!!!
great portrait by the budding artist. Do you wonder if their portraits of us, are how they really see us??? I hope not. ;)
The cookies look YUMMY! Eat one for me please. ;)

Tricia said...

The boy is adorable! I love the pink sky. We've had a few of those here lately, but by the time I find my camera and get outside its gone:( Gettin' slow in my old age ya know.

Ms. Math said...

I love the pretzels and beer line - too funny!

I agree with you - the misfit cookies need to be taken care of right away! Your cookies look delicious!

Your son's picture is so cute! How very lucky for you that he remembered the hair. :)

Amanda Jo said...

Ok...your little boy is TOO CUTE! Seriously...he's precious! I love his picture of you!

Oh, and your dad is hilarious!!!