Wednesday, December 10, 2008

we've got spirit, yes we do...

i have Kelly at close to home to thank for this. she think im full of it (christmas spirit that is) and has named my buy nothing challenge as the reason! thanks kelly!

Chirstmas Award
heres the rule breakdown.
#1 you gotta love christmas to get this award

#2 the person you give this award must also love christmas

#3 link back to the person who awarded you this high honor

#4 list 5 things you love about christmas, unless you get on a roll and cant stop then list as many as you want

#5 pass the award on to as many people as you want 

#6 leave them a comment telling them what they won


#1 hello, jesus! 

#2 twinkling lights. 

#3 tins full of cookies.

#4 santa photos, what, they're funny!

#5 christmas cards, you never know who you will find when you open the mailbox.

i would like to award......Tricia because i totally dig her wine bottle christmas tree. she has severe allergies that prohibit real trees and also petro-chemical plastic trees, like mine and has found a unique solution. 
i also want to award messy nester for bringing all of our attention to


Kelly said...

great list. Thanks for playing along.

Ms. Math said...

Yay for you and your award!!

Tricia said...

Thank you!

messynester said...

Thank you for the award! You are too sweet! :)