Thursday, December 11, 2008

you tell me

heres a little question that i keep rolling around in my head.
how can i live more simply?
what do you do? what have you pruned from your life to make it more simple? what are your simple living tips? and what is the strangest or funniest thing YOU do in the name of frugality?


Anonymous said...

promote and sell your photography work, you already have the camera so no expence there.and your work is some of the best i've ever seen. You have an eye and talent.

Liz said...

Well, we have stopped eating out so much. It makes us feel less stressed about money, and we've started having a 'date' at home on the weekends instead. We fix a really nice meal, eat at the table.

Kelly said...

I love this question, bc I too have asked myself the same thing numerous times this year.
I have a few sayings through out the house that remind me to Live Simply.
It is crazy how much STUFF we had around here. So this past year I have sold, donated and given away a ton of stuff. Really cleaned out the house.
We started spending less on just about everything. (ie. groceries, utilities(gotta love space heaters and insulated blinds/curtains), eating out, just buying more STUFF.)
If I find something I like and really want, I try to come up with a way I can make it myself with stuff I have. (and I do not have your talent with a needle and thred/sewing machine)
I also garage sale shop and we LOVE craigslist.(to buy and sell)
I could go on and on.
Numero Uno this year though was get on track with that. It weighed heavy on our hearts and once we got going with it regularly it was hard to stop with the weeding out of the non-essentials. (did that make any sense?)
This next year my plan is to teach all of this to Collin. He does not know the word NO and now the "clutter" and STUFF in our house "all" belongs to him.

Amanda Jo said...

First things first...I learned to say no.

I had to learn to tell others no, when I had too much on my plate.

I had to learn to tell myself no, when I want to buy stuff I don't need.

I also had to recognize who my God is. Am I serving people? Money? Things? If so, I'm not serving the Lord! (loose summary of Galatians 1:10).