Monday, December 15, 2008

christmas list

heres my sons christmas list.

a mini train set (2 bucks at walgreens)
Wall-e (saw it at wal-mart)
a jump rope (saw some kids jumping rope last summer, thought it looked like fun)
a "giant" pencil (like one you buy in a zoo gift shop, i think he likes the big eraser on it)

grand total: less than $25

other than totally violating my buy nothing challenge this list is a piece of cake (and a bit odd toward the bottom, a giant pencil?) im so glad hes little and easy to please.
plus, Wall-e is kinda for me too, have you seen that movie? its so cute.


Amanda Jo said...

Even tough you broke your vow - you've got a GREAT Christmas list there!!!


Kelly said...

great list there. I'd gladly take it. ;)

Rachel said...

We did not get him any of those things ... however, we did get him something that will go great with item #1. Speaking of which, how shall we do Christmas this year? Halbert and I both have to work the day before and the day after, but maybe we could get together on Saturday or Sunday?

Ms. Math said...

I'd say $25 is a great deal for all of those things, so even though you spent money, be proud of yourself for spending so little on so much! Your son's list is adorable!