Wednesday, January 14, 2009

CAUTION: God at work

it's all happening! Church in the Grass will be having the its first service tonight! it is being held at a building owned by Madison consolidated schools but no longer used as an elementary school. if i think the ride has been wild so far i better hold on tight. Ken will still be attending bible college, working close to full time and pastoring a church, albiet a small one. i will be working, taking care of the house and generally making sure things run as smoothly as possible. i have been praying for God to open the hearts of all the people we will be teaching and allow us to help shine a light in the darkness to those who are feeling hopeless.

the good news is, i am currently NOT feeling like i want to either barf or cry:translation, at this moment, im not feeling overwhelmed by fear. thats a good thing, but im not the one preaching tonight.


Kelly said...

that is AWESOME!!! I will be thinking of you guys this evening and saying a prayer.
This is such a great opportunity that you both are opening up to everyone.

Glad your fear has subsided, even if just for now. Fear is a good thing. ;)

Amanda Jo said...

HOW EXCITING!!!! I didn't know your husband was a pastor! I will pray for this new ministry and your continued peace!

diana said...

will be there in sprit