Saturday, January 3, 2009


im going, this morning, downtown to meet with Tricia! she is a  blogfriend from florida who has family just across the river from me in KY. im so excited, i dont think i will have many opportunities to meet my faraway fellow bloggers (although i would love to meet you all in a big life on the hilltop backyard bbq).
and whats even more. theres a chance that her daughter Megan will get to ichat (i think this is the term) with us while we have coffee! which im also excited about because i really love her work (photos).
im sure there will be pictures taken which i will post later today or tomorrow.


Kelly said...

that sounds like so much time.
have a blast.

Jessica said...

Even though I won't be there, or on ichat, I'm excited for you all! (Tricia's other daugher, Jessica) :)

Ms. Math said...

How exciting!! I'm so very happy for you! I would love to meet the ladies who comment on my blog!