Friday, January 16, 2009

wearing it out

as one of my first use it up, wear it out projects of the year, i have some pants, purchased last summer, they were slightly long on the boy back in july. now six months later, theyre a little short, and have endured six months of crawling around on the floor, hence the holes in the knees. 
i spent maybe an hour and a half on these. i opened up the inseam up to about an inch from the crotch then cut patches to fit from one side seam to the other, stitched them in on all sides cut out the damaged pieces, added a zig zag stitch around the hole to keep the fraying to a minimum and stitched the inseam back together.

i also took the hem out of the bottom, gave that a zigzag to match the knee.

iron and VOILA! 
he loves them. 
i know it looks like hes trying to hide from the crazy lady with the camera, but really hes just checking his theory on the refrigerator light conundrum.

any new projects with you?


diana said...

good job now what every you paid for thoses jeans you can cut that actual cost into cause you got 2 pair for the price of one.

Kelly said...

I know that I have said this before, so @ the risk of sounding like I broken record, (which I am sure that you could fix if given the chance) I wish I had half your talent.

Last year, actually maybe two years ago, I BOUGHT C a pair of jeans that had blue courderoy patches on the knees. They were my FAVE pair of jeans he has ever owned.

I think you did an awesome job. They look great!!!

Ms. Math said...

Have I ever mentioned how impressed I am with your talent? The pants look awesome! Can you come work some magic on some of my old clothes? :)