Saturday, January 17, 2009

top 4 tagged

Ms. Math tagged me to tell my top 4 of 2008 in each category.

favorite memories of 2008
#1 painting my front porch with Teen Baysitter
#2 the mountain of fresh produce given to me by gardening friends
#3 lunch with mom and dad at the key west shrimp house (here in Madison)
#4 mani and pedi with kens mom and mimi.

favorite movies of 2008 (not necessarily 2008 movies)
#1 wall-e
#2 nacho libre
#3 elf 
#4 juno

favorite foods of 2008
#1 tortelini with meat sauce from Roxanos in Vevay, IN
#2 multi grain bagel with cream cheese
#3 mashed potatoes and gravy
#4 moms lasagna

favorite places of 2008
#1 my porch
#2 the farmers market
#3 the lumber mill antique mall
#4 Marcis house

events in 2008
#1 The Boy's 3rd birthday party
#2 halbert and rachels wedding
#3 art jam (free trolley rides!)
#4 ken starting school

things i liked in 2008
#1 my kid got potty trained!!!
#2 spending time at mike and helens when the power was out
#3 baking christmas cookies, all 3 times
#4 my church family's love and support of our ministry

things i look forward to in 2009
#1 a visit home to IA 
#2 being amazed by God in new ways every day
#3 more painting and home repairs
#4time with friends and family

the four people i am tagging are:
daily newsie (i have never seen you tagged before)


Ms. Math said...

I really enjoyed reading your top 4s! Thanks for participating!

I noticed three exclamation points by "my kid got potty trained." Were you excited about that by chance? :) I may have to come visit so I can go to the shrimp house you mentioned!

hilltopper said...

yes, potty training was a huge accomplishment! and worth the work and frustrations.
i was starting to think he was never going to get it, of course the old ladies say "noone walks down the aisle in diapers" meaning they WILL get it sooner or later.

Kelly said...

I accept this challenge. THANKS!!!
I am going to get to work on it now. And hopefully have it up for tomorrow. :)
I am hoping that I can include potty training on 2009's list. He is ALMOST there, but has been for a while now. :) I guess that is what I get for him doing everything else easily and early. (lol)