Saturday, January 3, 2009

fabulous fun

here are some shots from my fun afternoon of coffee and antiquing at the Lumber Mill with Tricia. we had a great time looking around and chatting about the good (antique pedastal sink with separate faucets for hot and cold) the bad ( cast metal eagle wall clock) and the ugly (ceramic camel planter).

tricia checks out a wheeled table i try to think of where i could possibly hang this aged archetectural piece.
tricia tries on a navy and white graphic pillbox hat, it suits her dont you think?
oh my stars!
and take a look at some of these beautiful quilts.
we were not able to ichat with megan :( no wifi hotspot, but i hope to get together again with tricia and meet her daughters on a future trip to madison, how 'bout it girls?


Tricia said...

I had so much fun today, thanks for meeting up with me!

Kelly said...

So glad you gals had a good time.

Jessica said...

Definitely! I love those stars!

Ms. Math said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you and Tricia had a wonderful time!