Sunday, January 11, 2009

too many choices

last winter  i had to take my then 2 1/2 yr old son to work with me for a half day (praise God for a job and a boss which allow this on the rare occasion when its necessary) due to a combination of things including but not limited to, the daycare provider and her family being sick with the flu, Ken having an assignment that couldnt be changed in addition to a fully packed day of office work and me having PROMISED a full box of machine embriodered jackets to a local factory. i packed little boy's backpack up with toys and told him that if he was very, very good, we would go to walmart and he could pick anything he wanted to take home.
he was very very good and we proceeded to walmarts toy dept after lunch at mcdonalds.he looked at everything, trucks, trains, games, flashlights, dolls, riding toys, i mean everything. and then picked nothing, there was TOO MUCH! there was no way he could decide.

this is how i felt yesterday evening when i left the cozy isolation of my little town and went to Hobby Lobby, in columbus, IN to do a little fabric shopping. when i wandered into the fabric section i immediately saw a nice print with big bright flowers that i thought i HAD to have, then looked across the shelf and saw a fun polkadotted pattern that was even better, then blue and brown toile, then teal and grey stripes, then red and blue paisley with green and orange accents AAAAAHHHHHHHHH, i almost left with nothing, i had to call Ken over to help me, my itty bitty budget only allowed for me to buy 2 yards of fabric, so i had to make the right choice. ken stayed calm and exercised veto power on prints that were a no go to anyone with any fasion sense then narrowed it down to about three choices for me, and, bless his heart, helped me pick a coordinating solid color for the choice i had made.

this is how we finlly made a choice in walmarts toy dept, i picked a boat, a plane and a pack of hot wheels and The Boy made the final decision of the plane.

 then we hightailed it out of there before minds could be changed.


Rachel said...

I can't believe you let Ken help you decide what fabrics were tasteful. *BOOM* :)

Kelly said...

I have that problem at Hobby Lobby, only mine is in the scrapbook dept. Too many accents to choose from.
I think you made a good choice. I really like this fabric. It's fun.

diana said...

sooo what are you making.
i'm with kelly on the scraping

Tricia said...

Very nice choices. I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time last week, in Florence, KY. All the fabric was on sale. I left with nothing because I couldn't decide what to buy.

Ms. Math said...

I know the feeling! I can't make a choice when I have limited options and then to make a choice when I have so many things I like - well, there's trouble then.

I do plan on putting a clothesline up as soon as possible, which I hope means this summer! A clothespin bag is a wonderful idea!

Marci said...

Okay so Hobby Lobby is a huge pitfall for me and my scrap booking habits too. I have to go in with a list and try not to pick up more. I LOVE that fabric (of course) and I NEED to know what you are doing with it! Do tell!