Tuesday, January 6, 2009

just how i like it

life has been WONDERFULLY BORING for the last 2 days.

after church on sunday we came home and ken made lunch, he told me what to write on my wal mart list then put the boy down for his nap, pushed up his sleeves and started doing dishes. i went to wal mart. when i got home he was mixing up a meat loaf, how nice! i grabbed my book, a loaner from Teen Babysitter ( need a hint? hes every jr high girl's favorite "vegetarian" and evidently mine too) and sat down to enjoy my hour of immersion. make that 3 hours, ken and the boy played cars, puzzles, mr potato head, etc and i read and read and read. then i hear a wonderful call that usually only comes from me! Dinners Ready! meat loaf and potatoes (cue the angel chior).
i dont think i could have invented a better winter sunday!

then of course yesterday, back to work. the holidays are officially gone and we are free to resume our normal lives. but im kind of bummed , no more surprizes in the mail for another year. no more christmas cards for a year, no more sparkly boxes, no more bows, no chocolate covered pretzels. well, we will see about the chocolate covered pretzels.


Kelly said...

don't you just love days spent at home (or mostly at home)?
Glad it was enjoyable for you and bonus on hubby making dinner. I love those nights. ;)

diana said...

what a norman rockwell day you had nice.